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Inspired by the Winter Olympics – Outstanding Outerwear

Outstanding Outerwear - Avec Les Filles Faux Fur
Wrap up in style with this Avec Les Filles Faux Fur Jacket.

Have you been keeping up to date with all the goings on at the Winter Olympics at Pyeong Cheng? I have been glued to the coverage – I’ve just been watching luge doubles i.e. two guys hurtling down the ice track at 130km/h on a tiny sled (or luge). It is absolutely insane; you must need nerves of steel to give that a go. It is entertaining to watch, and I must applaud those athletes, they are incredible.

The commentator mentioned that the temperature was zero degrees, and claimed that it was tropical by Pyeong Cheng standards. Well someone hasn’t told the crowd of spectators, who were all bundled up in a fabulous variety of outerwear. I must say their enthusiasm and snug ensembles definitely gave me some inspiration. When it is cold outside, you can do something exciting, you can have some fun, and you can look and feel good whilst doing it.

Olympic Standard Outerwear

I have had a good look through Xwalker and found some olympic worthy outerwear, in a number of different categories. So let’s start with my favourite…faux fur. It is chic, stylish, super snuggly, and guaranteed to be produced without any cruelty to animals. A winner in my book.

Outstanding Outerwear - Faux Fur.001
1. Coloured Faux Fur Coat, NA-KD; 2. Faux Fur-Trimmed Patch Parka Jacket, Vintage Havana; 3. Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket, Kenneth Cole; 4. Faux Fur Star Coat, Aqua.

For those more casual days, your’e going to want something a bit more relaxed. So since we are talking Winter Olympics, how about some sporty outerwear.

1. Cadet Cutie Army Green Camo Print Faux Fur Puffer Jacket, Lulus; 2. Satin Puffer Jacket, Sage Collective; 3. Shawl Collar Coat, Cole Haan; 4. Reversible Puffer Jacket, Adidas Originals.
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Fashion Trends 2018 – Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Trend - Victoria Beckham Flare Sleeve Top
Creamy Vanilla Shades are Popular at Victoria Beckham.

I’m not lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, so I have to suffer through a cold, grey and miserable winter. It won’t be until towards the ends of March, when I will get to see a significant improvement in the weather. When I will actually want to get out from under the duvet and go outside. So, since I have at least 6 weeks before I can shed my layers and emerge from by padded cocoon, I have been looking to the fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2018 to get myself prepared.

When I shed my layers and reveal myself for Spring, I want to do so in something light and happy. This drew me to the Ice Cream trend that set to be big in the warmer months. It was a big feature on the Spring/Summer 2018 catwalks, with the likes of Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Hermes, including it in their collections. The ‘Ice Cream’ trend is all about head-to-toe colour blocking of dreaming gelato shades – think pistachio, lavender, lemon sorbet and creamy vanilla. It is one of those super easy trends, all you need are some super cute pastel pieces, and wear them all together…accessories included.

You may already have the pieces you need to create the ‘Ice Cream’ trend in your wardrobe. Just pick out all the pastel items you have, and see how they will work together in an ensemble. You would be surprised how well soft yellow works with airy lavender. If you don’t have any yummy ice cream colours in your wardrobe, I’ve got all the inspiration you need, courtesy of the hundreds of brands featured in the Xwalker catalogue.

Ice Cream Dream

There was almost too much choice when it came to ice cream colours to rock in the Spring. I chose some of my favourites, and I can guarantee whatever tasty ice cream-inspired pieces you choose, you will look good enough to eat.

Fashion Trend 2018 - Ice Cream Dream Apparel.002
1. Be Mine Sage Green Maxi Dress, Keepsake; 2. Zosia – Strapless Wrap-front Maxi Dress, Reiss; 3. Scattered Pearl Cardigan, Karen Millen; 4. Moira Pink Knit Top, LK Bennett; 5. Alleyoop White Off-the-Shoulder Jumpsuit, Lulus; 6. My Little Pony Skirt, Moschino; 7. Jacket in Silver Rose Glow, Blank NYC.

Make yours a double scoop, by adding some super sweet accessories in ice cream hues…

Fashion Trend 2018 - Ice Cream Dream Accessories.001.001.jpeg
1. Painterly Prints Watch, Olivia Burton; 2. Devina Drop Earrings, Baublebar; 3. Cameron Street Lottie Saffiano Leather Satchel, Kate Spade New York; 4. Light Blue & Pink Foul Flash Orbs Print Silk Wrap, Vivienne Westwood; 5. Mint Green Canvas Sneakers, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela; 6. Pink Small GG Marmont Wallet, Gucci; 7. Lillian Leather Loafers, Donald Pliner.

Who else feels like a big bowl of ice cream?

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Love Hearts – Valentine’s Themed Fashion

Alviero Martini Heart Bag
Gorgeous Alviero Martini Heart Shaped Handbag

Now, I know the last post I wrote, was all about forgoing the traditional and trying something a little but different when it comes to Valentine’s Day. But, some people like the traditional, and that’s okay. When it comes to the Day of Love, what is wrong with sharing a little bit of that joy in the literal sense, with a great little red dress, or some pretty hearts anywhere and everywhere.

So, I’ve decided to let go of my slight cynical reaction to Valentine’s Day, and look through  Xwalker for the loveliest heart printed fashion and accessories I can find.

Fashion with a Heart

If you love a heart print, I highly recommend you check out Commes Des Garçons, as they have so many fantastic casual basics, with their signature super cute heart logo. I have found a few other cute pieces of apparel with a heart print, and I think I may be coming around to this whole literal Valentine’s Day ‘thing’. I mean how fantastic is that ‘Feminist’ sweater?

Love Hearts for Valentines Day 02.001
1. Heart Printed Jeans, Glamorous; 2. Feminist Heart Patch Crewneck Sweatshirt, Private Party; 3. Heart Tee, Sundry; 4. White Half Heart T-Shirt, Comme des Garçons Play.


Accessories are a great way to give a little nod to romance, with a few subtle heart-shaped touches to your outfit or home. I need that cushion….

Love Hearts for Valentines Day 01.001
1. Etched Golden Silver Heart Link Bracelet, Stefano Patriarchi; 2. Heart Cotton Tote Bag, Love Moschino; 3. Floating Love Phone Case, Edie Parker; 4. Heart-Shaped Calf-Hair Coin Purse, Neiman Marcus; 5. Allyson Johnson Hello Beautiful Heart 16″ Square Throw Pillow, Deny Designs; 6. Heart-Print Giant Check Cashmere Scarf, Burberry; 7. 62MM Mirrored Round Heart Sunglasses, Miu Miu.

Do you think you might give a playful nod to Valentine’s Day, with some cute little hearts? How do you celebrate the most romantic day of the year?

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Quirky Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Cat Ear Headphones
Adorable Cat Ear Headphones by Brookstone

I have a little bit of a reputation as being a Scrooge with it comes to love. I can often be seen with my face twisted in revulsion, when anything overly soppy or romantic is before me, be it on TV or in person. Where most people think the speech from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is adorable and sweet, it just makes me cringe.

It isn’t that I’m a total cynic that completely hates love – I am myself in a wonderful relationship – I just have a different perspective on what it means to me. I would rather have an insulting or pun-based novelty card for Valentine’s Day, than a huge bunch of roses. And I would definitely prefer to sit in my ‘fat pants’ and eat loads of snacks, whilst binge watching ‘Band of Brothers’ (we are a little late to the party on that one) with a mountain of snacks, than sit in a crowd restaurant, forcing some romance.

And if I do get a gift, I want something that makes me smile and laugh. Thoughtful and loving gifts for Valentine’s Day, do not have to be in giant bouquet form, or adorned with hearts, or in a heart shape. If the special person in your life loves hearts and flowers, then by all means, gift them hearts and flowers. But, if your other half likes things a little bit different, why dot go for a quirky gift this Valentines Day.

Quirky Gifts For Valentine’s Day

I’ve had a super fun time scouting through the Xwalker catalogue for the cutest and quirkiest gifts I could find. I love them all…I guess I do know how to love after all.

Quirky Gifts for Valentines Day 01.001
1. No Season Solar System Phone Case, Edie Parker; 2. Gone Bananas Statement Earrings, Elizabeth Cole; 3. Adalyn Owl Leather Bifold Wallet, Kate Spade New York; 4. So Cute Decorative Pillow, Madura; 5. Bulldog Slip On Sneaker, Soludos; 6. Mickey and Friends Minnie Mouse Character Heel Pump, Irregular Choice.
Quirky Gifts for Valentine's Day 02.001.jpeg
1. Sterling Silver Bird Pendant Long Necklace, Origami; 2. Flame Socks, Palm Angels; 3. Unicorn Intarsia Sweater, Coach; 4. Camo Print Scarf, Veronica Beard; 5. Hand Decorated Murano Glass Enamel-Capped Perfume Bottles, Due Zeta.

A little bit more original than chocolates and flowers, don’t you think? What would be your ideal quirky gift to receive for Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day – Put A Ring On It

Free People Raw Stone Stacking Rings
Raw Stone Stacking Rings from Free People – $48

The most romantic day of the year is coming up…Valentine’s Day. Whilst it is not a big deal in my little love nest (the other half manages a restaurant so he will be working), I know that for some couples it can be a really wonderful time. A day where you don’t have to feel guilty about spending some quality time together, when you should maybe be catching up on chores, home improvements or other life commitments.

It could even be the perfect day to take a relationship to the next level…the gifting of jewelry. This doesn’t necessarily mean an engagement, it could just be a sign of your dedication or commitment to someone. The gift of a ring is a symbolic one – the circle signifies that the love shared between giver and recipient has no end. Even if you are not very romantic person, you must see how beautiful that sentiment is.

Gifting a ring to your other half, you are saying: “like our love, the circle has no end.” Lovely. So I have picked some of my favourite rings that are available through xwalker, and I’ve kept the budget under $200. It isn’t the size of the stone that counts, it is the size of the heart (I’m getting good at this romantic stuff).

Gorgeous Rings Under $200

You would be surprised at the amazing finger bling you can purchase for the modest budget of $200. You could buy rings for multiple ladies in your life…I don’t judge. Here are some of my favourites, and I would love to know which piece of sparkle catches your eye.

Rings for Valentines Day
1. Triple Threat Ring, Sorrelli; 2. 14K Yellow Gold Small Wishbone Ring, Zoe Chicco; 3. Liquid Gold Armor Ring, Alexis Bittar; 4. Diamond Tiara Rose Gold Ring 1/20ctw, Reeds Jewelers; 5. Genuine Oval Halo with White Topaz Halo and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring, Reeds Jewelers; 6. 14K Yellow Gold Pineapple Ring, Bang Bang NYC; 7. Fantasmania – Crystal Black Heart Ring, Gis Le St Moritz; 8. Sterling Silver Red Rose Ring, Dolci Gioie; 9. 14K Yellow Gold Ring with Cultured Freshwater Pearl, Zoe Chicco; 10. Boulevard Stone Rhodium Over Bronze Ring, Rebecca.
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Top Ten Women’s Backpacks

Top Ten Backpacks - Alexander Wang Marti Backpack
Blow the budget with this Alexander Wang creation.

I’m not sure where I would be without my little backpack – I have dozens of bags, but it is my backpack that goes everywhere with me. It’s roomy enough for me to fit in all the rubbish I take with me – purse overflowing with old reciepts, gloces, random bits of makeup, the book or two I am currently reading, and treats for my neice that I hoard until I see her.


Not only is my backpack spacious, with plenty of handy pockets, it also is a hands free bag. I don’t have to hold on to it. It doesn’t slip off my shoulder, or from out under my arm and I can use both my hands for whatever I like – carrying a rug under each arm, snuggling armfuls of puppies…all the great things.

Backpacks are not just functional. The humble backpack has had a big of a revamp over the past few years, and now they are one the most stylish bags you can own, the functionality is just an added bonus.  Every woman and girl needs a backpack.

Top Ten Women’s Backpacks

So, to give you guys some serious backpack inspiration, I have compiled a list of the top ten backpacks that are available through Xwalker.

Top Ten Backpacks - 10 to 6.png
10. Double Flap Color Block Eco Leather Backpack, Love Moschino; 9. Palazia Pearl Gray Suede and Leather Small Backpack, Le Parmentier; 8. Biker Wavy Spot Printed Backpack, Marc Jacobs; 7. Off White Large Leather Backpack, Kara; 6. Watson Lane Hartley Nylon Backpack, Kate Spade New York.


Top Ten Backpacks - 5 to 3
5. Double Pocket Faux-Fur Backpack, Sunset & Spring; 4. Star Gazer Avery Backpack, Foley and Corinna; 3. Downtown Kane Mini Metallic Backpack, State.
Top Ten Backpacks - 2 to 1
2. Dakota Backpack, Dagne Dover; 1. Dina Mesh Backpack, Kendall and Kylie.

I chose those backpacks as my top two, as I love that they have a sporty style, but are stull chic, cool and contemporary. That’s totally my own personal style…I am a sports luxe kinda girl. But, I encourage you to have a browse through the hundreds of backpacks available through Xwalker, to find one that matches your own personal style. Have fun.